Short & Help

“I would suggest that any aspiring writer begin with short stories. These days, I meet far too many young writers who try to start off with a novel right off, or a trilogy, or even a nine book series. That’s like starting in rock climbing by tackling Mt Everest. Short Stories help you learn your craft.”

– George R. R. Martin


Lust, Money, and Murder was sold to me as an unputdownable thriller, and I finished it in one day!


The door is concept-driven, character-driven, and fantastically unique. Suzette B takes a single character and creates a world of speculation. There’s a play between magical and mundane. It generates thought about the nature of reality. Some how, by the end, I found myself wondering which was more magical, fantasy or reality. While I am dying…


On a journey in search of the most precious treasure, without the will to question the provider of the map. We can become the evil that we seek to …Plastic Jungle This is so unique and special. The formatting made it hard for me to read, but definitely push through. It’s definitely worth it.

Short Story

Accident and Emergency was as busy as usual.  Weston dodged nurses and gurneys as he made his way through the corridors. A hundred urgent conversations filled his mind. He, however, focused on the light at the end of the corridor. The ambulance bay. To get the best cases, he ran, and that was how a…


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