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*Prices may vary depending on the level of editing required.

As choosing an editor is a big step and you need to be sure of what you’re getting, I am currently offering a free initial chapter edit within all my packages.

Proofreading & Editing Packages

Pricing Guide

It is important when choosing an editor to consider what they cost and what they do. Please see below my price guide and what each package entails.

Consultation – £8

A consultation would consist of a conversation between myself and the author to gauge expectations. An initial chapter to gain an understanding of the level of editing required and to quote an initial price.

Proofreading – £10 per hour or £10 per 1000 words*

Proofreading is the least invasive form of editing. It corrects spelling, grammar, punctation, and inconsistencies. It will also improve the format and layout of the novel, such as correcting any paragraphing issues.

Copy Editing£20 per hour or £20 per 1000 words*

Copy editing includes correcting language so it is appropriate within your novel. This embodies grammar, syntax, spelling, punctuation, clarity, consistency, and correcting citations. Copy editing will also take a close look at the structure and flow within the novel and offer edits to improve this area .

Developmental Editing£25 per hour or £25 per 1000 words*

Developmental editing is the most in-depth form of editing. It will be of the most benefit to a novel that is going to a publisher or being self-published. It looks at the novel as a whole to highlight potential issues and edit content. It also includes the basics:

  • Spelling,
  • Grammar,
  • Punctuation,
  • Flow,
  • Characterisation,
  • Consistency,
  • Language,
  • Formatting and layout.

Editing the content of your fixes the issues that have been highlighted through looking at the big picture. This looks at inconsistencies within the plot, character arcs or behaviours.

Developmental editing will also include macro editing, which focuses on the structure of your novel. It ensures that the content, language, and style are consistent and fitting with the story that you are telling.